Cool Cold-Weather Car Accessories

Keep your Car Cozy in the Chill of Winter

We’ve had a mild winter in Connecticut this year, but it’s not over yet! Check out these cool car gadgets designed for greater comforts in the cold.
remote car starters winter driving Connecticut

Get a Jump on Winter’s Chill

Treat yourself to a remote starter for your car, so it can warm up while you’re getting the kids ready to leave or finishing your morning coffee. New remote starters even use Apple® iPhone®, BlackBerry or Android mobile phones to start your car!Best Buy sells this Viper SmartStart for $199. Or check out Jo-Di’s for a similarly priced model from Crimestopper.


Tread Ahead winter driving Connecticut

Keep your Cool when you Get Stuck

For around $15 you can have one of these great gadgets stowed in your trunk. A great little product to get you out of slippery snow spots and back on your way. You could also use kitty litter or sand for added traction, but the Tread Ahead is sure a lot less messy! And it’s reusable.


Wagan heated auto seat covers CT driving

Give a Warm Welcome

Everyone seems to like these heated seat cushions from Wagan. They plug into your car’s 12-volt DC outlets and strap onto the seat cushion. You can set the temperature to high or low. And they retail for just $30!


programmable car heater Connecticut winter driving

Pre-Heat your Interior

With this cool gizmo (sells for around $70 on you can defrost your windshield and heat up your car without stepping outside. It’s programmable and charges with an AC or DC charger. Because it’s cordless, you can take it with you if you’re brave enough to be doing some winter camping, and enjoy a warm tent too.


heated windshield washer fluid CT winter driving

Quit Scraping that Windshield

Check out this heater for your windshield wiper fluid! Hammacher Schlemmer sells them for for around $70 . It reportedly heats your washer fluid to 150º F in 30 seconds. The heated washer fluid melts ice and snow and can even melt any ice trapping your wiper blades. They say it’s even great in summertime, for removing bugs and sap better than regular wiper fluid can