American Heart Association Go Red GalleryMy daughter is “Why I Go Red”. My daughter, who is now 13, was born with a heart defect.  It took the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center pediatric cardiology team a week to figure out what the issue was.  It was a very long week for sure.  I clearly remember walking into the NICU and seeing several members of the cardiology team surrounding Shelby’s crib trying desperately to figure out what was wrong. They finally determined that her right pulmonary artery was not connected to her lung, so a one week old, she had open heart surgery.  That was also a very long day – an 8 hour surgery! The first concern coming out of the surgery was that her heart did not beat on its own.  The doctors determined that she needed a pacemaker, so at 2 weeks old she had a pacemaker put in her belly.  The second and biggest concern was whether or not the artery would stay attached as she grew.  After several years of closely monitoring the blood flow, etc. the doctors have told us just this year, that they are no longer concerned.  What a relief for us all!

The head cardiologist said to me that if this had happen to my then 7 years son, they would not have had the technology to save him. There were a lot of ups and downs through the years, however we are very grateful for the continued research and support of the American Heart Association.

A special thank you to Christine Petit of Le Petit Studio for taking photos of the Hoffman Go Red Gallery women.