Hoffman’s Thanksgiving Plans

We, at the Hoffman Auto Group, are sincerely grateful for the continued opportunities to serve our customers and community partners.  We encourage everyone to take time this holiday season to reflect on the many blessings we all have. “Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward

Hoffman Auto Group Thanksgiving Hours 2015

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday all departments at every Hoffman dealership will observe the following hours.

Wednesday, November 25th – close at 6pm
Thursday, November 26th – closed
Friday, November 27th – normal business hours

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


This Veteran’s Day, We Honor You

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Hoffman family and the staff at the Hoffman Auto Group extend our most sincere gratitude to every Veteran who has served and is currently serving our country. Your dedication, integrity, honor and devotion to our country has provided us with the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today. You and your families have sacrificed much to ensure the safety and sustainability of the United States- for this we are eternally grateful.

Hoffman Thanks Veterans

We also wish to recognize and appreciate employees of Hoffman Auto Group who have served our country:

Robert Hedden- Corporate
Dennis Whited- Ford
Jason Peltz- Ford
Ethan Gombossy- Porsche
Isaac Diaz- Audi E.H.
Alex Serrano- Audi E.H.
Tom Doyker – Audi E.H.
Lou Hernandez – Audi E.H.
Billy Hyson- Body Shop E.H.
Kevin Warriner- Lexus
Eddy Adkins- Lexus
Arthur Kulpanowski- Auto Body
Edward Pagano- BMW
George Corsa- Toyota

       Coast Guard
John Oulundsen- Toyota

Hardy Thompson- Ford
Norm Michaud- Audi E.H.
Daniel Gizzie- BMW
Jill Corey- Avon Office
Matt Louis- Toyota

       Air Force
Kristin Skiba- Ford
TJ Zongol- Audi N.L.
Craig Tracey- Lexus
Marianne Bethard- E.H.  Office

Frank Pawlowicz- Ford
Tom Ryan- Lexus
Robert Johnson- Wholesale Parts













We invite you to learn more about the ways we support and honor our veterans:

Kowalker, center, with his two horses

Kowalker, center, with his two horses

— Retired Marine Richard Kowalker Receives Horse Trailer

— Hoffman Hires Veterans as Service Apprentices

— Hoffman is Hiring Heroes

Is Your Car Winter Ready?

Living in New England you have probably seen your fair share of unpredictable weather. Even Mark Twain was quoted as saying “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” Because it can change quickly and winter is fast approaching, it is important for you to be prepared. The possibility of getting caught in a snowstorm while on the road is more likely to occur over the next few months, so here are some car winterization tips you can use to get your vehicle ready to take on any storm!


Amount and Condition of Fluids

One of the most important areas to check is fluids:  not only the level but also the condition. It is a good idea to have your coolant flushed every couple years so we advise you to bring it in and have it checked. Topping off the washer fluid, and keeping it full, is important to reduce the possibility of it freezing.

In addition, we recommend you have all hoses and belts checked. In colder weather the rubber constricts and can weaken belts and hoses. Ensuring these are in good condition reduces breakage and will keep your vehicle operating safely on the road.

Tread and Pressure of Tires

Check your Tire Treads

Thomas J. (TJ) Zongol, Service Manager at Hoffman Audi New London, advises customers to have their tires inspected to see where they sit on tread depth.  “Sometimes people have gotten tread evaluations during the milder weather months, when the recommendation would be different. You really want to have your tires checked for decent tread for our winter months,” Zongol advises. “In inclement weather you just need better traction.”

TJ Zongol,

TJ Zongol, Service Manager at Hoffman Audi New London


Check your Tire Pressure

This time of year you might see your low tire-pressure warning light come on. While tires lose air pressure due to punctures or other damage, another contributor is the change in seasons. In fact, every time the temperature drops by 10 degrees, your vehicle loses one or two psi!

To maintain safety, performance, and fuel efficiency inflate tires to the proper pressure as indicated in your Owner’s Manual or shown inside the driver’s door of your vehicle. At Hoffman Auto Group, we encourage customers to measure tire pressure regularly (including spare tires) to avoid potential tire-pressure issues while on the road. Keeping a small tire pressure gauge in your vehicle is a good idea!

Test your Car Battery

Chemical reactions that generate power in the battery slow down in colder weather. Also, the engine needs more current from the battery to start up in low temperatures; so it’s a double whammy on the battery. Have a load test done to see if your battery is up to the task, and check its general condition (corrosion, post and connection conditions, etc.) to stay prepared. Your battery is also filled with fluid, so make sure it has enough inside.  Although this is can be done yourself, we highly recommend having one of our trained technicians examine the fluid level during your next service visit for your safety.

Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers are your first line of defense while driving during inclement weather. If you have driven in a northern winter during especially heavy snow or ice storms you can attest to the importance of your wipers, not only in removing debris but in doing it well. Worn wipers significantly impact the visibility so proper maintenance is critical to your safety.  While it depends on your make and model, most manufacturers recommend you change your wipers every 12,000 miles.  Salt and other road debris take a toll on wipers, which may impact how often they need to be changed.

If wipers become frozen there are several ways to free them, including using the defroster and breaking the ice away manually. If a vehicle is exposed to a storm for a period of time, the blades can be protected by covering them with plastic wrap or something similar that can easily be peeled away later, saving time and aggravation. Never pour hot water on your windshield as it can crack the glass as well as freeze, creating a bigger mess.

Defrosting and Heating Units

Water vapor coming in from an open window — or even from your own breathing — can cause condensation to form on the window, making it difficult to see. Defrosters solve this problem by blowing warm, dry air over the glass. If you’re sure your defroster unit is functioning properly but there’s still a problem with too much fogging, have your car checked for air leaks around the doors and windows. It’s also important to make sure that your heater is working properly.

Know How Your 4WD Works

Do you know how your 4WD system works, especially if you’re in a new car and driving it for the first winter season?  Four-wheel drive varies depending on the vehicle so check your Owner’s Manual for the best environment in which to use it and how to engage the system.

It’s important to make sure everything is working correctly before winter arrives, as properly functioning 4WD systems improve tire traction on snow and ice, decreasing the possibility of getting stuck. Remember that 4WD will not stop your vehicle on black ice or snow-covered, icy roads so always take caution during the winter and be aware of the road conditions. Safety first. Give yourself plenty of extra travel time.

Rocky Subramani, Hoffman Nissan’s Service Manager

Rocky Subramani, Hoffman Nissan’s Service Manager

Hoffman Nissan’s Service Manager, Rocky Subramani, strongly recommends staying on top of regular maintenance with your vehicle. This will ensure all of the fluids, hoses, belts, heating units and tire tread are in good condition to face any weather condition.  “Regular maintenance will always keep you out of trouble in the winter,” says Subramani.

Stay safe, enjoy the picturesque New England roads and all that this area has to offer. But before the big storms come make sure your vehicle is ready and has been checked by a factory trained technician. Drop by any of our Hoffman Auto Group dealerships any time to ensure your vehicle is ready for the chilly days ahead. We look forward to serving you soon!

Check out our suggestions for 10 essential winter items for your car on Hoffman Toyota Scion’s YouTube page.  What else would you add to this list?


Hoffman Auto Group announces the acquisition of BMW of Watertown

Hoffman Auto Group Acquires BMW Franchise

Hartford, CT – October 19, 2015 – Hoffman Auto Group announces the acquisition of BMW of Watertown.

For nearly 100 years, the Hoffman family has provided high-quality choices to the families of Connecticut for vehicles sales, parts and service. We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest dealership franchise – Hoffman BMW of Watertown. Designed for unforgettable performance, BMW’s sleek style and thrilling power make it a legend in the automotive industry. We know the BMW brand will be a wonderful addition to our family and to yours. Visit us today at Hoffman BMW of Watertown located on 699 Straits Turnpike in Watertown or at bmwofwatertown.com. We look forward to seeing you!

Hoffman BMW of WatertownBMW logo


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About Hoffman Auto Group
In 1921, Hoffman Auto Group was founded by Israel Hoffman with the acquisition of a Ford franchise in New Hartford, CT. After almost 100 years, Hoffman Auto Group is regarded as one of the most successful family owned businesses in the state. With locations in three Connecticut towns – East Hartford, Avon/Simsbury and New London – the company is comprised of ten brands: Lexus, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Lincoln, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Scion and Saab. In conjunction to their new car stores, Hoffman also has a premium used-vehicle dealership, Hoffman Used Car SuperStore. In addition to its sales, service, parts and body-shop departments, the company also consists of an information technology department; a business development center, and in-house marketing, public relations and social media departments. For more information, visit us at www.hoffmanauto.com. Hoffman Auto Group – Driven By Trust.

Klingberg Family Center Hosts Cars and Coffee!

Klingberg Family Center

Come out to the Klingberg Family Center campus, in New Britain, on Saturday, September 19th from 8am to 10am, and bring some friends and family! All are welcome with or without an antique or classic car. Who wouldn’t want to meet others who are interested in antique or classic cars and make new friends?!

For more information Click Here.
For photos of the event check their Facebook page.
Antique Cars