Cracking the “Packing for Camp” Code

It’s that time of year again when parents gather up the necessities of summer and set off on the road to sleep away camp!  Grab your flashlights, bug spray, sunscreen, bathing suits…and the list goes on and on.

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Springtime Shine: How to Get it, and Keep It!

Just like your home, your car needs a spring cleaning, too. Make it fun and get professional-looking results with these great tips from our East Hartford and West Simsbury technicians!

Your Car’s Exterior

There are three steps to take toward auto body beauty: wash it, polish it, then – maintain it!

The Wash:

Make sure you have a good quality car soap. Don’t have any on hand? Do NOT be tempted into using dishwashing liquid as car wash soap – it removes the wax from your finish! Make a quick run to the store for the real thing. It makes a difference! Use one bucket for the bulk of the car, and the second one just for those really grimy parts: wheels, tires, and the lower quarter of the vehicle.

The Polish:

Use a microfiber cloth with a good quality car polish to get those scratches off, and get that paint shining again. (note: Polish makes it pretty, wax keeps the finish protected)

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